EMUGE-FRANKEN: 100 лет компании



ZIRK-GF - Circular Thread Milling Bodies with Exchangeable Face Insert



Softsynchro SnapLock - Quick-Change Holder for Taps


 ZGF - Circular Thread Milling Cutters


InnoForm Steel-M - Cold Forming Tap




Softsynchro Xtension - Length-adjustable Collet Holder


Softsynchro QuickLock - Quick-Change Tap Holder


EF-Drill Modular


Speedsynchro® Modular


Gigant Modular Sprinter


Punch Tap - The new thread technology




Tinox-Cut Base


Dental  - Tools for the Production of Dental Prosthesis


Expert - Milling Tools for Hybrid Additive Manufacturing


Trochoid 5xD - Trochoidal Milling - Valve Block


Micro - Solid Carbide End Mills for Smallest Engravings and Components


Fiber-Cut - Solid Carbide End Mills for Composites


Expert Cut&Form - Solid Carbide End Mills


Expert - Circle Segment End Mills


Multi-Cut  - Milling Strategies Duplex End Mills


Turbine - Machining of a turbine blade